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Landscaping St Augustine FL

Landscaper St Augustine

Rowanoak Outdoor is a landscape company landscaping St Augustine Fl.  We create landscape designs as well as landscape installation.  This particular client has a really nice paver patio and deck.  Do to their busy schedules the landscape and weeds got away from them. 

First we remove all of the over grown weeds from the pavers and the landscape beds.  We pressure washed all of the pavers to remove any residual weeds and muck.  To keep the landscape bed maintenance to a minimum we install St Augustine grass in the largest bed on the side the wooden deck.  After installing the new irrigation system, low maintenance flowering plants completes the landscape design.  Installing plumbego, hawaiian ti, society garlic and 3 citrus trees.  The planting bed along the back was cleaned up and slit leafs line the fence.  Inside their pots we put white birds of paradise, whirling butterfly, and cascading sedums.

We love landscaping St Augustine FL.  Please feel free to take a look around all of our websites and experience all of our projects.  We install pavers, sod, landscaping, retaining walls, drainage, outdoor lighting and irrigation.  You can also contact us at 904.629.1216 to schedule an appointment for your free estimate to landscape St Augustine FL.

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