Landscape Design St Augustine Fl

This house was a rental property for 10 years and the owner is looking for a new landscape designs. She wants to put the home on the market and would like the entire property re-landscaped. Not only was the planting material old the lawn was also in a state of neglect. There is multiple broken irrigation pipes and irrigation heads.

We start by removing the old and over grown planting material. We also removed the entire front lawn to make way for new sod. There were pavers along the side of the home which were separating and not function as a patio. She asked us to relay the pavers so she should would have a place for a table to enjoy her morning coffee. We then created a landscape designs.

The landscape designs consisted of three standard bottlebrush trees, variegated sheffelera, loropetulum, sky pencils, apostle iris, aztec grass and agapanthus. Planting the bottlebrush on the corners of the home anchored the house. A sky pencil is planted on each side of the front door to add height and interest to the front door creating an entrance. Variegated sheffelera in front of the low windows so they can be maintained at a lower height. planting the apostle iris to wrap the corners and height to the back of the design. The entire font yard was the resodded with St Augustine grass.

For new landscaping to look its best year after year good maintenance and fertilization practices are key. Checking your irrigation system once a year can also prevent sod and plant loss due to under watering.

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