Before and After

Landscape Design St Augustine Florida

Landscape Design Jacksonville Florida


Irrigation is one of the most important elements of any landscape design St Augustine Florida.  Without adequate water trees, plants and grass will not survive.  The homeowners purchase this pool home without irrigation in the backyard.  An irrigation plan is also part of the design according to the placements of trees, plants and sod.  A small section of the paver patio on the opposite side of the pool is pulled up and trenches dug for the new irrigation zones.  The pavers were then relayed and sanded.  The sidewalk is extends from the backyard to the front yard connecting to the driveway.

Plants and Trees

The homeowners want a tropical landscape design St Augustine Florida.  In the corner is a sylvestris palm tree.  The new vinyl fence installed replaces the broken wooden one also adding privacy to the pool.  Along the fence are three standard bottlebrush trees, orange bird of paradise and agapanthus.  Along the back side of the pool is a loquat tree as well as a robellini date palm.  In the landscape design are also hibiscus, firecracker, crotons, blue daze and hawaiian ti.  The homeowner, originally from Costa Rica, wanted a tropical landscape to remind him of home.  Black mulch is finishing the planting beds and St Augutsine sod is installed. 

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