Backyard Landscape Ideas
Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Backyards come is a variety of shapes and sizes.  When we plan and budget potential landscape design ideas, the space and materials are an important factor in designing the use of the final product.  The use of the outdoor living spaces created in a backyard landscape design must fit inside the given space and have the desired functionality.  Sometimes we have to get creative in order to achieve this. In this gallery are a variety of landscape design ideas and landscape installations in St Augustine Florida.  All of these backyards have presented their own set of unique challenges. 

Small Backyard Landscape Design

When installing a swimming pool in a small backyard limits available space for landscaping or hardscaping.  The first design with the red retaining wall brick was a very narrow area with a slope. The customer had theses retaining wall blocks so we repurposed them to hold the planting area around the outside of the pool.  The second pool was also a narrow back and side yard.  The client was from Costa Rica and wanted a landscape design with palms and tropical plants.  We were able to achieve the look they wanted along the back and created a patio on one side with a larger lawn space on the opposing side.  Our client in Villano Beach Fl has dogs and wanted a sodded area for them. Constructing a paver sidewalk from the pool deck to the driveway creating access to the backyard and sodding the backyard with Bermuda sod.  We moved one clients fence the home builder installed to incorporate 6 more feet of usable space.  We then extended the patio for a grill and built a round firepit with sitting area.  Creating a water feature is also another way to add a lot of impact in a small backyard. 

Sloped Backyard Landscape Design

A client backyard is a very steep hill from the door of the porch up to the fence which runs along the back.  They want to utilize the space for a vegetable garden.  We build a tiered garden boxes to the top and level off the top.  Installing pavers at the top to create an outdoor sitting area.  Pavers and gravel in front of the patio creates a necessary drainage and a sidewalk from the gate to the patio.  The two tiered backyard is behind a duplex.  The owner wants to create a small usable patio space for both tenants.  Using recycled pavers the client purchased we were able to use landscaping and a unique approach to create two patios on this slightly sloped backyard.

Large Backyard Landscape Ideas

With a larger backyard the possibilities for landscape design are really just limited to the imagination.  A client wanted to add paver side walks from the swimming pool to the firepit and then to a raised patio.  The morning sun created a lot of heat on the pool house.  We then built a large custom pergola to help create some much needed shade.  Building a custom hog wire fence for a client creating a vegetable garden.  Installing a custom irrigation zone to water raised planting beds inside the fenced area.  The long natural stone and gravel sidewalk connects a newly installed pool to a BBQ area.  We then added a privacy hedge and plants to finish the landscape design. 

There are many possibilities when it comes to landscaping any backyard.  Feel free to contact Rowanoak Outdoor to schedule your free landscape estimate.

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